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Product update posted on Jul 30, 2019

Product update: Improved Access group page

With our evolving customer base, the needs for the Access group page, on which you are able to manage your Access groups to your preference equally evolved and was demanding improvement.

Today we are happy to announce a brand-new redesigned Access group page for the SALTO KS web app that will save time and has a clearer overview of People and Locks.

First of all, what is an Access group:

An Access group is a manually created group of people that you want to provide access to. For example, if you have an office on the 2nd floor of a building you would be in an Access group that would allow you to enter the main entrance, the 2nd floor and all the locks in your office space. You might ask 24/7? That’s up to you! Creating an Access group, enables providing access to a certain group of people in a specific timeframe within seconds which is an essential functionality particularly for space operators, office managers and receptionists.

Let us walk you through the new Access group page:

Access group page overview:

On the new Access group overview page, you are able to find all your Access groups with all the information you need: Number of People, Locks and the timeframe. You are even able to search for a specific Lock or User within an Access group.


Add/Remove people:

To make lives easier we created these two lists for a quick and clean overview of who is exactly in your Access group and who is not. Quickly choose the person/people you want to add or remove. The table on the left shows the people that are included in the Access group, the right table shows who are not. There’s a function in both tables to select all people or search for a specific person.


Add/Remove Locks:

For the Locks, we used the same two lists for a clear overview of which Locks are in your Access group and which are not. The table on the left shows the Locks that are included in the Access group, the right table shows which Locks are not. There’s a function in both tables to select all Locks or search for a specific Lock or Locks, which can be a big time-saver in several circumstances.



Without a timeframe, people in your Access group will be denied any access. Setting up a timeframe is, therefore, an essential functionality. Per Access group you are able to set up multiple timeframes for specific circumstances, so you are always able to pick the needed timeframe for that Access group in a heartbeat.



All timeframes can be customized to the needs of your Access group. If you, for instance, have an Access group that some days need 24/7 access you can set up a timeframe for that and select if needed. If your Access group needs a more specific type of access, let’s say every Wednesday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 you are able to create a timeframe for that and select when needed.


By redesigning the Access group page, we ensure a more fluent customer experience.

The team behind SALTO KS is working continuously to meet the needs of our customers and implement enhancement whenever we can. So if you have new requests make sure to reach out to

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